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Ice bathing

Ice bathing can have many health benefits, including increased metabolism, reduction of inflammation and swelling in muscles after exercise, improvement of sleep quality, increased concentration and focus, and improved immune system.

These benefits come from the fact that ice bathing can trigger the release of fatty substances from fat cells, lower body temperature, activate the brain's cognitive functions and increase the production of white blood cells.

Isbading coach Kristina Ilke som isbader
Isbadingscoach Kristina Ilke som isbader

Det startet med depresjon

It started with depression

A few years ago, I didn't spend any time on exercise or health. I acted based on what I thought was expected of me and what I was good at, but it didn't feel like it mattered much.

Everyday life was filled with short-term, satisfying habits, and depression and obesity came as a consequence.

That's when I started learning about ice bathing and biohacking.

Hvordan isbading påvirker humøret

The mood

Hvordan isbading påvirker humøret

Many ice bathers report that they feel a kind of euphoria afterwards. This is because the body release large amounts of adrenaline, serotonin and endorphins. These hormones have a de-stressing and uplifting effect on the mood. A short bath of 20-30 seconds can actually give you a feeling of happiness for several hours afterwards.


Have you ever seen someone walking around with little clothing in the winter and you wonder how they don't freeze? It is possible that they have ice baths a lot, because regular ice baths strengthen your blood circulation, and make you feel that the body, also in other situations, is better at retaining heat.

Isbading fordeler
Isbading fordeler

 Regular ice bathing strengthens your blood circulation, and you will feel that the body, also in other situations, is better at retaining heat.

Body temperature

Ice bathing helps improve:

Isbading fordeler

Blood pressure and pulse

Isbading fordeler

Both your heart rate and blood pressure rise as soon as you are in the water. The heart works hard to keep your vital organs warm. This can, if done often, in the long run give you a lower resting heart rate, and help to strengthen your heart.

Isbading fordeler

Concentration and focus

Isbading fordeler

Cold treatment can activate the brain's cognitive functions. When the body is exposed to cold, adrenaline is released, a substance that helps to increase concentration and focus. Cold can also increase blood flow to the brain, which can help improve memory and learning.

Isbading fordeler

The immune system

Isbading fordeler

The cold shock puts the immune system on alert. Some studies show that it can increase the production of white blood cells which leads to a strengthened immune system, which makes you more resilient against colds and other diseases.

Isbading fordeler


Isbading fordeler

Cold therapy can help lower body temperature and improve sleep quality by increasing the natural body temperature drop that occurs at bedtime.

Could ice bathing be the key to changing your habits and your lifestyle for good?

Discipline and motivation are not something you are born with, but rather a quality you can develop and strengthen. It can be compared to a muscle that can become strong through exercise. Your ability to make good choices is limited, and when this ability is used up, it can be more difficult to make good choices.

Hormones such as norepinephrine, endorphins and dopamine play an important role in your motivation and ability to make good decitions. Many people have too little of these hormones, and this can affect self-esteem and mood.

Many people have too little norepinephrine, dopamine and endorphins in their bodies. All 3 of these hormones are chemicals that affect our brain activity and mood. Endorphins act as painkillers, while norepinephrine and dopamine regulate motivation, learning, readiness and feelings of well-being.

Ice bathing can increase the amount of norepinephrine in the body by 540% and dopamine by 250-350%! This can have a huge positive effect on depression, bipolar disorder and general well-being. Ice bathing can be a very effective way to increase these hormone levels, even for those who do not suffer from the aforementioned disorders.

You can learn this and much more on ice bathing with Kristina, you will experience the sense of mastery of ice bathing and some wonderful hours!

You can also book an hour with Mental Coaching to find out more about how you can best take advantage of these benefits based on your situation and needs. 

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