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About me

I was trained as a Professional Mental Coach) in 2020 and have since worked as a Mental Coach with a focus on the interaction between mental health and physical balance. 

I work systematically by measuring the progress of my clients, which motivates the clients to follow their own development. 

Previously, I worked as a sales manager and coach within finance and sales. Already as a teenager, I started guiding young people to express themselves in life through poetry, dance and drama.

Apart from being active in training myself, ice bathing is a great passion I practice daily. I love optimizing mental and physical health!


My goal is to help people master and retain control over their lives at work, privately and in relationships with others.

I achieve this by training people mentally, but also by teaching how to create an understanding of Mental Coaching and the changes that occur in the brain.

This gives people the opportunity to create the best version of themselves, and be able to build on that version of themselves for the rest of their lives.

Mental trener, kostholdscoach og personlig trener Kristina Ilke


I have four years' experience as a mental coach, and I specialize in transformations. I have coached companies in ice bathing, health, brain functions and how it affects your habits. I have worked for a year with one of Norway's most experienced mental coaches and worked independently as a mental coach for many years. Since I started at Evo, customers who want transformation have rushed in and the hours as PT have become many. I myself have lost 25 kg and seen transformations with my own eyes.

What can I offer?

I have extensive experience in mental coaching and helping people set goals and achieve them.

I have a lot of knowledge and experience in everything from helping clients to increase muscle mass or lose weight, to working with clients who are focused on becoming the best version of themselves through mental coaching.

I work so that you can independently continue your transformation after our collaboration. 

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