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Fat burning

You can influence fat burning around the clock with the way you eat, sleep and live.

Burning fat and losing weight is not that difficult if done correctly. 

Some things you can do to increase fat burning are:

Increase your activity level

Increase muscle mass

Eat protein-rich foods

Eat more fiber

Avoid too many sweets and processed foods

Eat regularly 

Make sure you get enough sleep

Personlig trener Kristina Ilke

My transformation

Kristina Ilke sin transformasjon

I've always had a feeling that I haven't lived up to my full potential. But I didn't know how to manage it and for a long period it wasn't "important" enough for it to be a priority.

After going through a breakup and a career change, I entered a heavier period. Literally. After getting a new position as sales manager in a financial firm, I got a lot of responsibility and a busier everyday life. When I started in the new position, I used size 34. It quickly became too small and I didn't have time to reflect on why. The sizes ticked up and suddenly size 40 looked too small. 

It wasn't a specific event or a specific time that turned everything around, but rather a series of many seemingly small but bad habits that together had a big effect. I had spent a lot of time reading about mental health, but never cared about how habits, food and exercise affected me. The consequences of this were a tired body and an unfocused brain.

It was only when I decided that I didn't want to continue where I was going that I started reading books about the body, hormones, diet, and how cold, sleep, light and ice baths affect us, then I started to see drastic improvements and "suddenly" I was in the best shape of my life! Of course, it didn't happen overnight and it took many determined steps to get to where I am today.

I want to share my knowledge and experience to help others achieve the same.

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    • Personlig tilpasset kostholdsplan
    • Personlig tilpasset treningsplan
    • 50 minutters videosamtale hver måned + 1 ekstra ved oppstart
    • Ukentlig oppfølging via e-post
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