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Mental Health, Mental Fitness Brain health.

Brain health

Brain health is about brain balance.

9 out of 10 people know that substance use such as alcohol, smoking and drugs has a strong or very strong effect on brain health.

8 out of 10 are aware that physical health, sleep habits, social environment and genetics have a strong or very strong effect.

Mental Health

Mental health is about your thoughts and feelings, and about how you feel about yourself, in meetings with others and in everyday life.

The term mental disorders are illnesses and conditions that over time affect thoughts, feelings, behavior and the ability to function socially.

Mental fitness is about training behavior and automaticity in things that are beneficial to you, and help you take care of mental health and brain health.

If you become mentally fit, you create a good spiral.

You can learn self-correction, change your mood consciously and become really good at goal setting.

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Kristina Ilke
Kristina Ilke
Apr 07, 2023


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