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Premium Transformation

- 1-hour initial consultation

- Customized 12-week training program

- Follow-up logging and instructional videos in the app

- Weekly 45-minute update/coaching sessions (weeks 1-11)

- Up to 15 minutes of additional chat time for questions

This comprehensive package is designed for those who want the most support. You'll receive in-depth guidance on training. You can use time tailored to your needs: Going over progress, planning your workouts, knowledge around training, motivativation, queations, nutrition, habits, and mental coaching. It’s the best choice for achieving a lasting transformation with extensive, personalized support.

Price: 950 NOK per week, 3,800 NOK per month, or 11,400 NOK for the full 12-week program

Premium Support Transformation Maximize Your Progress with Premiu

kr 11 400,00Pris
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